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Okay, back after eight or so years~ Mostly on the Servant sheet grind

  1. Create-a-Servant Index 452-492


    Caster/Archer - David Ngunaitponi by NailsInYourFeet
    Foreigner - Harold Holt by NailsInYourFeet


    Archer - Caleb by RoydGolden
    Avenger - Uriah the Hittite by RoydGolden
    Caster - Azazel (Lostbelt) by Vance
    Caster - Moses by Baron Magnus
    Lancer - Eleazar Avaran by RoydGolden
    Rider - The Black Rider by Cing Krimson Requiem
    Ruler - Leah & Zilpah by WhiteFrenzy
    Saber - Michael (Lostbelt) by Vance ...

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  2. Servant Roll Call

    Finally posted enough Servants (not counting my older 2012-ish ones) that I felt I really ought to gather them all in one list:


    Rider - Omegarus

    Avenger - Estella Havisham
    Gatekeeper - 'The (Videogame) Boss'
    Lancer - Egdon Heath
    Archer - Zaroff
    Berserker - Catherine Morland
    Watcher - Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
    Shielder - Glinda
    Rider - Ozma


    Assassin - Frederic Chopin
    Avenger - Hector Berlioz ...

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  3. Persona: The Beautiful now on Beast's Lair

    Quote Originally Posted by NailsInYourFeet View Post
    Author's Note: So er, been a while, hasn't it?

    I haven't been on Beast's Lair in almost a decade now, but discussions I've been in on Fate properties recently along with new ideas I've gotten for Servants and Fate fics have reignited my interest in the franchise, so trust me that I'm not back again just to promote my Persona fic on another site~

    Persona: The Beautiful was originally run as a Quest over on Sufficient Velocity, where I went by the name of Lapin Lune and now
  4. Lovers

    Dream of silver
    Dream of silver sound
    I long for naught but
    Synchronise in time
    Looking for an alien symptom
    Knowing that there's no hell before
    The line

    Sunlight eats the forlorn casket
    Casket eats in time

    I and you and you and I

    Eyes are searching eyes are blue
    Eyes are searching eyes are red
    Eyes are searching eyes are brown
    Eyes are searching eyes are green
    And eyes are

  5. NYARLATHOTEP... The crawling chaos... I am the last... I will tell the audient void...


    I had the idea to create a Servant profile based on Nyarlathotep, reasoning that him frequently taking human form gets around the whole 'God' issue and that public domain literary characters seem to be A-Okay with the debut of the Bride of Frankenstein (that's what I'm calling it and sticking to it).

    But while looking up his page on Wikipedia, I stumbled across this little nugget ...
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