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  1. Your Translations - Chiron

    I was going to leave this till Friday but I have a birthday to attend and time while my rice is cooking.
    But first, since Arai's done both Siegfried's Noble Phantasms, I don't have to do them. However I would like to point out

    Quote Originally Posted by arai
    Armor of Fafnir
    A Noble Phantasm embodying the story of his bath in the blood of a dragon. B-rank equivalent physical attacks and magic are nullified. Attacks of A-rank and above register as damage after defensive values of an amount equal to B-rank

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  2. Your Translations - More Seigfried

    騎乗: B
    Riding: B
    Riding Ability.
    Majority of vehicles can be ridden above average. Magical Beasts, Holy Beast rank beasts cannot be ridden.

    黄金律: C-
    人生において金銭がどれほどついて回るかの宿命。ニーベルングンの財宝によって金銭には困らぬ人生を約束さ れているが、幸運がランクドウンしている。
    Golden Rule: C-
    A life in which money is fated revolve around. (Money likes you.)
    Due to the Nibelung treasure promised a life untroubled by money, but ...

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  3. Your Translations - The Real First Post: Apocrypha Vol 3 Black Profiles

    Magic Resistance: -
    As compensation for obtaining
    Armor of Fafnir
    Evil Dragon's Blood Armor
    this is lost.

    My translation above is kinda off.

    It should be more like Because of obtaining Armor of Fafnir, the compensation is losing it (Magic Resistance).
    I suck at phrasing so whatever.

    Either way kind of expect more maybe.

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  4. First Post

    Why does the forum give us blogs?
    Why doesn't everyone use them?
    They're like pre-made for your convenience.
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