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  1. Koha-Ace Sheets

    Okay to be honest I was doing these up till Rider and then I left for my party and I got pretty wasted and am still pretty wasted when I did Rider and Caster so yeah. After all it's my birthday today If there's anything wrong with those two I'll fix them up on a later day because as fun as drunk translating it with floss with your mouth and Westworld playing in the room next to you well it's not that great but whatever.


    Master: Kotomine Karen

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  2. Ogre-like Translations: Alkeides and Hippolyta

    I still hate how Strange Fake doesn't give descriptions of class skills.

    Avenger/True Archer

    203cm 141kg
    Chaotic Evil

    本来呼び出したクラスが強制的に歪められ、別のクラスの特性を付与された証。引き替えに、元のクラススキル のいずれかが低下する。アルケイデスの埸合は単独行動が低下してCランクとなっている。
    Distortion: A
    Forced distortion of the class he was originally called forth in. He has received the other class's specialty as proof. Conversely, either of the class skills has declined. ...
  3. 2016 Fanfiction Contest Thoughts - Reflections of the Moon

    Written 9PM 03/15/2016

    Before forgetting, I wanted to write some notes about this story, so I can post these when the judging is finally done. Because judging usually takes a long time.

    First, I would like to thank all the judges for reading and then giving their honest opinion of this work, and secondly I would like to thank my two betas Glow and Nuclear once more. The work is a lot better because of you two.

    Moon’s Corral has been a work in progress since ...

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  4. Anthropology Project

    We got a project

    In her short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” science-fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin writes of a people enveloped in brilliant joy. Yet their pure delight depends wholly on the misery and torment of one child. The majority of Omelas manage to reconcile this haunting paradox—that their happiness rests on, indeed necessitates, the torture of another. A few individuals, however, walk away.

    Taking Le Guin’s creative narrative as an allegory,
  5. Apocrypha ・ Materials Profiles

    Blurred out stuff in previous volumes.
    VS and Galvanism are exactly the same as their CMIV counterparts.


    射つことを決定した時点で発射することが可能で、弓からではなく、星から放たれる流星の一撃。死亡した際も 、一ターン後に自動発動する。
    Anteres Snipe
    Sky Scorpion Shot

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 5-99
    Max Targets: 1
    The embodiment of the episode where Chiron who turned into Sagittarius is always aiming ...

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