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  1. You and PAD 2 - 32, 958, 616, 810

    #30, 31, 32, 214, 1093
    Tornado Holy Dragon

    So our very first dragon. It is green and yellow and surprising for a dragon because it has a healer subtype. Either way, Ripper dragons are those things that are super awesome when you're low level and then they start to get more and more meh as you go along. A fully evolved ripper dragon can ...

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    You and PAD
  2. You and PAD 1 - Intro, 418, 724, 1615

    So I've decided to do a new blog series while waiting for Apo materials or something else stat-y to do. So I decided to do this which is going to be more frequent, maybe twice or thrice a week. And basically what I will doing here is going over monsters in the mobile game Puzzles and Dragons in hopes of getting you to try it, or at least knowing what it is. Alternatively you just scroll down and look at anime pictures. So first:

    What is Puzzle and Dragons?
    It's a mobile game ...

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    You and PAD
  3. Ogre-like Translations: Gilgamesh ・ Ranks

    So this the last of the Prisma stuff. Since I've been getting busier I told myself that I'd take a break for a while after this. I know I want to try to do stuff for Apo Materials when it comes out and also UBW's animation materials as long as the dictionary entries are as short as they were for Zero's animation materials.

    子ギルが身につけていたお守り。日食を象った金細工で、装備者の回避率を大きく向上させ、Dランク以下の飛 び道具を無効化する。攻撃を無効化すること金細工の日の欠けは大きくなっていき、やがて欠けが日の大きさに 達し消失する。

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  4. Ogre-like Translations: Gilgamesh ・ 不明

    So I had a very busy week this week. And I'm also sick. So yeah. Sick.

    正確には宝具名ではなく、乖離剣エアの全開状態を指す。遥かな太古、世界を切り裂き天と地とを分けたとされ る星造兵装。圧縮され交互に反転する人知を超えた暴風の断層は、時空断層を伴い世界ごと対象を 粉砕する。
    Enuma Elish
    Star of Creation that Separated Sky and Earth
    : EX
    Not exactly the Noble Phantasm name but refers to the sword of separation Eas full release form. It is considered the planet creating weapon that in the distant past separated the sky and earth. Through compression via alternating ...
  5. Ogre-like Translations: Gilgamesh ・ No Include

    So. No one added me for Puzzles and Dragons. Do people not play that game?
    Either way I'm late because my friend had a birthday yesterday.
    So I'm going to split Gilgamesh into three parts because it's long and I'm very busy. Either way here is Gilgamesh part 1.


    Because you can't include the King.

    人類最古の英雄・ギルガメッシュの能力を得る。かつて、この世の財のすべてを手に入れた王の宝物庫には、あ らゆる宝具の原典が收められている。まっとうな英霊ではギルガメッシュに対して勝ち目はない。英霊の頂点と 呼ぶに相応しい英霊だが...。

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