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  1. Photonic Abyss - Angelica Cage

    Jack the Giant Slayer - Aug 2012
    Meriadeuc - Sept 2016
    Brynhildr - July 2017

    Telemachus - Nov 2016
    Ivar the Boneless - Aug 2018
    Sarah Winchester - Nov 2018


    Jason - Nov 2012
    Charles Martel
    - Dec 2016

    Eleanor of Aquitaine - July 2016
    Cinderella - Sept 2016
    Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau - Feb 2018

    Mary Mallon ...

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  2. Ramesseum Tentryis

    For a while there's slight controversy of RT how and why it's a type of Reality Marble. Mostly because, lets face it, it seems more like a NP like Domus than say Babbage's Steampunk Convention or Nobu's Fire Everywhere Lets Get Naked.
    I was reading the new old Case Files, the first part of the atlas one. Haven't had much time to read lately because of school. But I got to the part where they Waver was talking about graves and worlds after death. Mostly a rehash of Babylon for the parts about ...
  3. Beast Lair Fanfiction Contest 2017

    I'd like to thank my beta readers, Rafffle my Daffle, Bird of Hermes, Nuclear, and aldeayeah. It was a really long story so I really appreciate you guys combing through it to find stuff.

    First of all, I would like to thank Milbunk for organizing this event as he does every year, the judges of course, and as well as everyone who took the time to read the stories. Furthermore, congratulations whoever won. As I’m writing this, I have no idea who you are. Here, I want to go over some of
  4. how You deal with posters who refuse to read the source material

    Instead of saying potentially mean or hurtful things or even things that can be construed as mean that you could regret in 10 minutes maybe post

    Hello (insert name here)
    More information about (insert topic here) can be found in (insert work name here).
    It's actually very interesting and I encourage you to read it for yourself.
    A link can be found (insert link here if available)
    leave thread
  5. Secret Santa Contest (2016) - Paradox Eclipse

    First, I would like to thank Kirby for organizing the event, the person who did my prompt, as well as my beta-readers, IRUN and Nuclear Consensus. Here, I kind of want to put down my method and thinking behind this piece. This has become somewhat of a tradition for me.

    To be very honest, this isn’t one of the prompts that I wanted even though I know it was considered in the thread as one the “most interesting” prompt. However, I hope I did the prompt and whoever sent the prompt in an ...
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