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You and PAD

  1. You and PAD 3 - 1317, 179, 1358

    So I'm doing this series again. Still waiting for Apo materials.
    Either way, how I do this is use a random number generator and find monsters with that number. If the monster has evolution, I do the entire series.
    #182, 228, 1317
    King Mastering

    So anyone who played Ragnarok Online should be familiar with these. This is the ...
    You and PAD
  2. You and PAD 2 - 32, 958, 616, 810

    #30, 31, 32, 214, 1093
    Tornado Holy Dragon

    So our very first dragon. It is green and yellow and surprising for a dragon because it has a healer subtype. Either way, Ripper dragons are those things that are super awesome when you're low level and then they start to get more and more meh as you go along. A fully evolved ripper dragon can ...

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    You and PAD
  3. You and PAD 1 - Intro, 418, 724, 1615

    So I've decided to do a new blog series while waiting for Apo materials or something else stat-y to do. So I decided to do this which is going to be more frequent, maybe twice or thrice a week. And basically what I will doing here is going over monsters in the mobile game Puzzles and Dragons in hopes of getting you to try it, or at least knowing what it is. Alternatively you just scroll down and look at anime pictures. So first:

    What is Puzzle and Dragons?
    It's a mobile game ...

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    You and PAD