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Grand Order

  1. GO YOU! - Ascension Mats

    So there are some materials that you need to Ascend that aren't the figurines. So I've complied a list of them.
    Since I don't have pictures of some of these items and they're pretty ambiguous there might be mistakes. I'll correct them and add pictures when I can.

    Phoenix Plume 鳳凰の羽根

    World Tree Seed 世界樹の種

    Hero’s Proof 英雄の証

    Star Splinter星の欠片 ...

    Updated August 11th, 2015 at 01:56 PM by You

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    Grand Order
  2. GO You! - The Blacklist

    So you all know that the list was leaked. But I don't really trust that tumblr guy so I did it myself.
    It's arranged by artist. Also there's a link next to each artist to get a sample of that person's work.

    Here it is

    Artoria Alter
    Artoria Lily
    Cu Chulainn
    Alexander (Bara)
    El-Melloi II (Zhuge Liang)
    Jeanne D’Arc

    Updated October 1st, 2015 at 10:46 PM by You

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    Grand Order
  3. GO You! - Class Skills Actually Do Something?

    So the Class Skills in Grand Order and a bit different. Mcjon's theory is that any passive skill is included as a "Class Skill." So let's say you have an Assassin, and it has Magic Resistance. Normally that Magic Resistance would be a Personal Skill, but here, it's a Class Skill.

    Furthermore, stuff like Divinity is passive in this game, therefore, it is a Class Skill.

    Therefore, it's not really possible for me to go over every single Class Skill, but here are ...

    Updated August 3rd, 2015 at 02:27 PM by You

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    Grand Order
  4. GO You! - What Does My Noble Phantasm Actually Do?

    So I'm sure most people on BL playing Grand Order basically knows what happens when they use their NP. However, they might miss a lot and you're not sure why, etc.
    Well I'm going to go through some NPs here. I'm just going to go down my friend list because I don't really want to go through the Grand Order thread again. But if you have a request, I might be able to get to it?

    Either way:

    & = separate effect
    [Demerit] = Affects self
    I think

    Updated August 4th, 2015 at 08:26 PM by You

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  5. GO You! - Daily Quests Translation

    Posting in my blog because everything is just getting lost in the GO thread.
    So there's a common concept in mobage which is you run something call daily dungeons/quests. And in these quests you can get different material on a different day.
    This is a list for what you can get each day for Grand Order.
    The second column is the name of the quest. You will find them in the Chaldea Gate from the main menu.

    Monday: ...

    Updated August 1st, 2015 at 01:05 AM by You

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    Grand Order
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