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    So I bought a thing. But for its price, it is pretty bad. Details don't hold up to scrutiny, half assed paint job at best. Loose leg at the stocking seam(though some SHOVING fixed that) and a rather bad scuff on the arm. Got it for 12k unopened on Mandarake, retail is like 15k or some shit.

    Definitely going to reconsider anything I wanna buy with Union Creative written on it.

    The things I do for waifus thoooo.... short ...
  2. Stuff that happened

    > An ingrown hair on my chin somehow managed to burst out of its confines and emerge a beautiful flower. I yanked the bitch out. I was planning on gouging my chin open with needles and tweezers at some point like how I usually deal with all my ingrown facial hairs - bloody and horrible but it saved me the trouble.

    > Despite double layering the toilet paper, the remaining poop was somehow the right combination of moist and grainy and significantly compromised the integrity of the ...
  3. What if you were allergic....

    .... to your own poop? Everytime you shat, your sphincter would erupt into hives and is best by an unquenchable itch.Then you try to scratch that itch while wiping vigorously but all you end up accomplishing is splattering your ass juice around some more and spreading the itch.

    Do antihistamine soaked wipes exist for such peoples in such predicaments?
  4. Oh man somehow I got Semiramis

    .... but I wanted New Year Camilla. Instead I got Ogma, Eldigan and a second Mia. What is this. FUYUKAI DESU. Still trying to get Eirika. Those 50 orbs looked like such a boon but now they are dust like I never got them.

    But at least loli Nun is out. But I didn't get Violet Executor. Fuck. Chapter Xuanyuan is also ending way too soon, damn I'm not done yet. Why does it have to be concurrent with Chiyou?

    I need to not juggle so many games jesus.

    Updated February 3rd, 2018 at 06:04 AM by Depletion_Garden

  5. We have come far since...

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