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  1. What if you were allergic....

    .... to your own poop? Everytime you shat, your sphincter would erupt into hives and is best by an unquenchable itch.Then you try to scratch that itch while wiping vigorously but all you end up accomplishing is splattering your ass juice around some more and spreading the itch.

    Do antihistamine soaked wipes exist for such peoples in such predicaments?
  2. Oh man somehow I got Semiramis

    .... but I wanted New Year Camilla. Instead I got Ogma, Eldigan and a second Mia. What is this. FUYUKAI DESU. Still trying to get Eirika. Those 50 orbs looked like such a boon but now they are dust like I never got them.

    But at least loli Nun is out. But I didn't get Violet Executor. Fuck. Chapter Xuanyuan is also ending way too soon, damn I'm not done yet. Why does it have to be concurrent with Chiyou?

    I need to not juggle so many games jesus.

    Updated February 3rd, 2018 at 06:04 AM by Depletion_Garden

  3. We have come far since...

  4. Hand to Hand Anti Tank Combat

    If you aren't watching this then you aren't living your life correctly.
  5. NIERRRRRRR~~!!!!

    I am done.

    I am so sad.

    I got to see Madoka in despair again, only in a somewhat less pink form.

    But like holy shit why is this game so sad and why is everything fucked so hard beyond recognition.

    I like to imagine that Emil rebuilt the shopping mall afterwards and sold nothing but T-Shirts with Emilface printed on it.

    9S makes some smarmy remarks. 2B is oddly charmed by those shirts and buys one in every colour.
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