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  1. When you wipe your butthole....

    And there's leftover chilli flakes in it. Then it starts to feel really hot.
  2. You know what's shit? Halo: Fireteam Raven.

    Why does this exist? There's so many other arcade rail shooters to learn from and emulate but here we are. A shitty Halo cash in.

    Sit down with your fix mounted gun, and spray away at slow moving bullet sponge enemies that will manage to smack you without fail and there's no way to prevent them from doing so. Guaranteed loss of life. Just gotta have enough coins if you wanna finish.

    Whereas skill, speed and accuracy will get you through other rail shooters. Virtua Cop? ...
  3. G-A-L

  4. Liquid Poo Part Two Electric Boogaloo

    Have some middle of the night liquid poo.

    Think that the ordeal is finally over. Get up. Wash hands. Toilet's a bloody mess, had to hose it down.

    Suddenly my gut is like NO.

    Had to rush to sit back down. Feel like Willy Wonka, only my sphincter is the chocolate factory.

    I want off this ride. I think I'm feeling a part three coming up.
  5. Shitting myself at 2am

    I was sleeping so well too. That Chilli's burger I had for dinner sure wasn't worth it.

    Hell it wasn't even good. Bland unseasoned patty.

    I'm sticking to the local burger joints.
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