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  1. Oh man somehow I got Semiramis

    .... but I wanted New Year Camilla. Instead I got Ogma, Eldigan and a second Mia. What is this. FUYUKAI DESU. Still trying to get Eirika. Those 50 orbs looked like such a boon but now they are dust like I never got them.

    But at least loli Nun is out. But I didn't get Violet Executor. Fuck. Chapter Xuanyuan is also ending way too soon, damn I'm not done yet. Why does it have to be concurrent with Chiyou?

    I need to not juggle so many games jesus.

    Updated February 3rd, 2018 at 06:04 AM by Depletion_Garden

  2. We have come far since...

  3. Hand to Hand Anti Tank Combat

    If you aren't watching this then you aren't living your life correctly.
  4. NIERRRRRRR~~!!!!

    I am done.

    I am so sad.

    I got to see Madoka in despair again, only in a somewhat less pink form.

    But like holy shit why is this game so sad and why is everything fucked so hard beyond recognition.

    I like to imagine that Emil rebuilt the shopping mall afterwards and sold nothing but T-Shirts with Emilface printed on it.

    9S makes some smarmy remarks. 2B is oddly charmed by those shirts and buys one in every colour.

    • Be chilling in space station.
    • Get sent to Earth on some mission. What a drag.
    • Jump off building as shortcut. Why my shitty android body have no inertia cancellers or some shit. Ouch.
    • Vent frustration on nearby moose.
    • Get killed by moose.
    • FML

    I shall now endeavour to drive these damn moose to extinction.
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