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    Congrats! Korone often retweets fanart, so if you increase your power and become a dedicated listener, I'm sure the promised day will come.
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    next step is like&rt, you are not done yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow
    Show us what the tweet she liked was, coward.
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    Show us what the tweet she liked was, coward.
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    thank you. exactly my type of deranged humor
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    (On a more serious note, congratulations. Your art is very charming, so well deserved)
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    I like your drawings, as always.
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    What unfortunate events brought this on
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    A massive load of wank it indeed is.
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    I remember the Foo Fighters parody from the first album some, uh, 25 years ago

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    The baby is waking up, gotta keep him asleep.
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    remembers me of this story

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    its good
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    Amuro, I'm about to do something extremely wicked.
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    How is your asshole not classified under NATO and the UN as a weapon of mass destruction?
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    I pooped blood repost incoming.
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    Check for hemorrhoids, if it's painful, there's a high chance it could be that
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    Sometimes this can be cancer

    I would say it doesn't hurt to get it checked but I don't know your healthcare situation.
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