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IRUn's House of Whatever

Just like my own username suggests, this blog will probably involve almost anything that pops into my head that I have the guts to post to the internet. IE, the subject material will vary greatly depending on my moods and whatnot.

Expect randomness. May be a good or bad thing. I 'unno. Point being, if you feel like reading my probably biased opinions and maybe derprastic opinions, then who am I to stop you from reading away?

"I'd offer a more meaningful quote, but I BS any decent ones. Perhaps this one will do the job?"

  1. Retrospection of a Type-MOON Fan

    by , October 4th, 2014 at 05:09 PM (IRUn's House of Whatever)
    With the new Unlimited Blade Works anime now properly aired, it strikes me just how far I've come as part of the fandom.

    Back in late 2009, early 2010, when I first watched the animes for various Type-MOON franchises because I was a total noob who didn't know how to access the visual novels until well later, I was just a neophyte. Prior to that I had only a glancing experience with Melty Blood as I trawled the net for off-kilter fighting game concepts. I was drawn in by the Tsukihime ...

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