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    Mage Association (Others)

    A self-defense organization formed by practitioners of magegraft, transcending nationality and genre. (Of course, this is in name only.)
    Its mission is to manage, conceal, and develop magecraft.
    It reserves the use of force to protect itself from entities that threaten its existence (the Church, other mage organizations, and individuals who hunt what they consider taboo). In order to promote the development (or regression?) of magecraft,

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    Spontaneous Combustion (Others)

    The so-called unexplained phenomenon of human combustion.
    It was the spell that Kokutou Azaka favoured. However, it was closer to ESP than magecraft. In terms of ESP, it would be called Pyrokinesis.
    Spontaneous Combustion is a method of attack that causes the target to self-combust, rather than immolating the target directly.
    There are many theories which explain Spontaneous Combustion, Azaka's Spontaneous Combustion can be explained

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    Shirazumi Lio (Name)

    A twenty years old youth. Kokutou Mikiya's senior during high school, and he was more or less familiar with Shiki. He had handsome features, but did not stand out due to his quiet personality. He was one of the three who made contact (with Araya/Shiki?).
    He quit school for some reason shortly before graduation.
    Lio was the first chess piece Souren Araya prepared, and also the one he saved for last. However, the magus was defeated by the Counter Force

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    Line of Death (Others)

    The constantly shifting, graffiti-like lines visible to Ryougi Shiki.
    The lines appeared on everything, and by slashing the lines with a knife, the object bearing the lines could be "killed". Since the lines posed no resistance, everything could be killed with the same ease.
    The Lines of Death are not the lines at which "an object can be easily cut apart", rather, they are the concept of longevity given form.
    Strictly speaking,

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  5. Daily Food

    Cornelius Alba (Name)
    Magus. An old friend of Touko's.
    Rumour had it that this young man was the next director in line of the Sponheim Abbey, an organization within the Clock Tower.
    Although he was fifty years old, he had the appearance of a handsome youth.
    As a magus, his abilities were first rate, but his personalities were quite troublesome.
    Although it did not appear in the story, his Familiar was a black hound. Alba, who could not easily love another
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