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  1. Beast's Lair History

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    Clearly we need more updates from Astolfo's World Travel Blog.
    Well this is true, my blog was the only good one and I haven't posted recently.
    True statement.
  2. Simple Syrup.

    I wanted to make a whiskey sour but I had no simple syrup. So I busted out the sugar, got some tap water and through the power of heat made some. Now I have a whiskey sour. Has this ever happened to you?

    Also I keep seeing my name in single word posts in threads im not posting in! Am I a meme now like Dartz?
  3. Wow!

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    He's like a regular Steven Segal!

    Wow this is pretty good!
  4. Games

    I like playing games with people. I remember this one time a bunch of cool kids did black ops 2 on the free weekend. It was very fun. I remember another time a bunch of cool kids played TF2 together. That was also pretty fun. Too bad both of those things were before boot camp. I feel like doing it again would be fun. I have bad ideas.

    Also C_V is credit to team. This needed to be said.
  5. It's Mother's Day

    Call your damn mothers. If they're dead hold a seance.

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