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  1. High School DxD - Lethum Edition Part 01

    Wow! Well, this anime seemed quite formulaic from the summary, but not so much that I didn't check out if there was a manga around. Since there was, I checked it out.

    It was nice! I was happy! But it wasn't anyone's priority, it seemed, and it lagged behind. Because of that, I just left the series slide for several weeks. It was only lately, when I checked the appropriate forum in BL for some reason I can't quite recall right now that I decided I'd watch the anime. On the first instance, ...
  2. Popping a Cherry

    Clearly, this new fangled blog functionality of BL will lead a bunch of forumites to start their new blogs. Especially since I'm one of those and that's exactly what I'm doing.


    I really should finish the Mahoyo demo and Pokemon White, but... for some reason, I keep putting them off. I think that I can finish the demo today, so wish me luck!