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  1. Last Day: Anime Japan 2016 convention

    Home now. Before we started on the long trip home on the last day, we went to the Anime Japan 2016 convention. Well...some of us did. Anyway, it wasn't as cool as I had hoped, but still worth checking out. We went too late in the day though, so we missed most of the events...And most of the cool merchandise was sold out everywhere as well...Oh well.

    The Tokyo Big Sight building where the convention was held. It's HUGE:

  2. Ghibli Museum, a park, and a zoo.

    Went out on my own yesterday, and visited the Ghibli museum in Mitaka. The museum requires pre-bought tickets for a specific day and time, and I couldn't get a ticket for the same date as the two of my friends that also went there, so I went on my own. Unfortunately we're not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, only on the outside, so I don't have that many pictures. I then went to a nearby park afterwards and saw a huge Sakura tree in full bloom, and then visited a zoo that was also close ...

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  3. Zao Fox village in Miyagi, Sendai, and the Washinomiya (Lucky Star) shrine.

    Today me and 6 others rented a car and drove to the Zao fox village in the Miyagi mountains in Sendai. We also visited Washinomiya shrine, the one used in the Lucky Star anime, also in Sendai. We considered visiting other places used in Yosuga no Sora, AnoHana, and Non Non Biyori, but it was late, and we were tired from the long drive, and the weather was bad at that point, so we decided to drive back to Tokyo.

  4. Tokyo Sky Tree

    Visited the Tokyo Sky Tree today. One of the tallest buildings in the world. The view is amazing, and is best enjoyed during the night when the city is lit up with lights in different colours.

    I also came across this giant Totoro in the window of a closed Ghibli shop on the way ...
  5. Day 8, 9, and 10 - Hot springs and Mt. Fuji in Hakone, plus okonomiyaki and shopping in Tokyo.

    Haven't had time to update lately. The day before yesterday (March 14th) we left Kyoto and went to Hakone, a nice and smaller town close to Mt. Fuji. We went to a ryokan ( some way up in the mountain heights of Hakone, and stayed there overnight, in order to be able to see Mt. Fuji up relatively close, and in order to bathe in the natural, geothermal hot springs that are there. The ryokan is built around one of them. The journey was long, and the weather ...

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