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  1. Istanbul - SO MANY CATS

    Since internet is crap here so I have to pone phost, no daily blog updates until next week. Howevers, I can note that I successfully made it to Turkey with EXiku, and we have gotten past people trying to sell us rugs, and also a secret research area. Also, there are cats. So many cats.
  2. City of the World's Desire

    One week from today (April 5th/6th) I will be travelling away on an aeroplane to the distant, geographically confused land of Turkey. Of course, I won't be the only one going there: I'll be joined by my wonderful girlfriend, EXiku - this will be the first time we actually meet in-person!

    We'll be spending most of our time in the city of Istanbul itself, though we've got plans to go around and see nearby places like Ephesus, Pergamum and Gallipoli. About a week will be spent in the ex-Ottoman ...
  3. "I was the only one who made it out alive that day."

    RIP Robin Sachs.
  4. Not a Dead Fic

    For all those who might be worrying, no, The Manhattan Project II is not dead! I'm just still taking a break, and that break is scheduled to end soon. True, I've been pretty heavily distracted by Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai lately, but the latest chapter of the story is about halfway done, and will be posted within the next few days, I believe.

    Once that hurdle is over and done with, the updating speed should return to normal, and you won't have to wait a month between each update ...
  5. Getting a New Computer

    ...the real hard part comes in transferring files, not in actually getting the thing. >.>

    My new computer will be pretty great, and it's actually finished building, but I won't be able to do anything with it until I get these files onto an external hard drive. Even overnight and during work hours that's been going, and it's still not finished. Hopefully this will go faster!

    Anyhow, this new computer business as well as generally being busy at work is why I've been ...
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