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  1. Big Haul Today

    I needed to kill time today around noon, since I didn't want to leave my bike hanging around high school kids on their lunch break, and so I decided to go to The Book Man, the awesome local used books store.

    I was initially thinking of just meandering around in there for an hour or so, but then I checked the Languages and History sections - coming upon some things that intrigued me greatly.

    The Latin books were apparently stocked up to maximum, with way more than I even ...
  2. The Suicide of Julius Caesar

    After doing quite a lot of reading, I've come to the conclusion that the assassination of Julius Caesar may have, in fact, been a strategic suicide on Caesar's part, a reversal of the plot of Cassius Longinus and Junius Brutus. I believe that Caesar intended this suicide after some contemplation as a pragmatic method of creating an empire or ensuring lasting political power in Rome.

    I'll write up a full pseudo-essay later on, possibly tomorrow.
  3. Sexy Romans!

    Also known as: Five_X talks about his favourite subject.

    Why am I doing this? Well, no particular reason. I just felt like educating all you people on a topic that is, to me at least, quite fascinating: sexuality in Roman society.

    Now, Roman society in general is really interesting to me, but of course sexuality is a definite part of that. What makes it intriguing, though, is how the Romans viewed sex and sexuality, in contrast to our own, modern senses. A lot has changed ...