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  1. Twitter Lair

    There was a time when #notes reigned supreme.

    Then, Skype arose to take its place.

    Now, there is only Twitter, and Beast's Lair forumites have taken to this social media phenomenon in increasing droves in the past months.

    I am, unfortunately, one of them.


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  2. Long, Long Ago, in a Beast's Lair Far, Far Away...

    ...LeopardBear and Spinach still actually wrote things and didn't just post ironic, fully-lowercase comments. It was the best of times, and it was the-

    Well, actually no, it really was the best of times. People actually paid attention to IRC back then and that's when people actually had ideas for cool things. They had ideas, I mean; IRC was just so distracting most of the time that honestly people never really wrote anything they came up with. It was a great hive-mind of ideas from ...
  3. New Beast's Lair Official Pairing

    Well, after some emotional events, I'm now officially in a relationship with that lovely British girl with the alluring voice, EXiku! We're taking this just one day at a time, but I can't help but be happy, of course!

    We've been chatting almost daily over the last three months or so, and more recently over Skype with voice chat... and then one thing led to another, and I told her about dokidoki feelings and it all tumbled from there. And now here we are, tentatively in a relationship! ...