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  1. Yurop 2017, Part 2: Buda Buda Buda

    Hi and welcome back to my belated travel blog! Getting all these pictures organized and uploaded is the most un-fun thing in existence, so I apologise it's taken so long to post an update. This time, I'm on the Hungarian leg of my trip, in which I visited the spectacular city of Budapest. Other than the food (I was awfully stingy on forints; I was still trying to avoid spending lots at this point), it was without a doubt one of the best and most memorable parts of the whole trip.

    I ...
  2. Yurop 2017, Part 1: Wienertown

    Hi hello this is a blog about a trip I took to Europe this August, with lots of pictures and stuff. This first episode is all about the initial leg of the journey, which took place in Vienna, Austria. I meant to type this up earlier but I was despairing about how to get my pictures from my phone to the computer, then realized they're all in Google already so I'm good.

    The trip to Europe from Canada was ordinary: I took a bus, got on a plane, landed, then got on another plane and landed. ...
  3. "Your application for leave to remain has been refused."

    That's the first thing I read on the letter I received this morning. Unfortunately, my stay here in the UK has to come to an end.

    The reason stated by the Home Office, specifically, is that I haven't been living with my girlfriend (our very own EXiku) for long enough. The letter explaining the refusal of my visa application, however, ended up being rather contradictory - so, hopefully, I'll be able to appeal it and get the visa. Otherwise, I'll have to go back to Canada and start all ...
  4. Skype emotes are literally the worst.

    I thought that just needed to be said. Again. And I won't stop until Microsoft bans non-textual emoticons because honestly graphic emoticons are ridiculously outdated.
  5. Twitter Lair

    There was a time when #notes reigned supreme.

    Then, Skype arose to take its place.

    Now, there is only Twitter, and Beast's Lair forumites have taken to this social media phenomenon in increasing droves in the past months.

    I am, unfortunately, one of them.


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