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    Maybe I should go to Anime Boston.
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    Crack theory about Saya being the biological daughter of Hermaeus Mora.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Break
    It would certainly have added some spice.
    Nothing spices up sex with Cthulu like an old man with a fully automatic shotgun.
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    It would certainly have added some spice.
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    I still say SnU would have been better with Old Man Henderson.
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    im pretty sure sticking your dick into monsters from beyond the veil disguised as cute loli girls is enough for anyone to get their socks rocked

    and what do you mean i don't have enough SAN to sacrifice for the event-

    (Poor Yoh)
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    Nah Saya no Uta is pretty glorious, just the number of h-scenes is a little too high for the short length of the novel, especially since they re-use CGs pretty often. I mean yeah they are somewhat more important to the story than in most vn's but still the number's a little too concentrated.
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    "Saya no Uta"

    everything about it rubs me the wrong way
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    "Loli Cthulu with big tits"

    Thanks internet.
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    Damn, you're fast.
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    The undisputed master.
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    I'm sorry for you.
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