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  1. Airen's Avatar
    Nice xD
  2. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Either that or pay someone to build them this alarm clock. (Or if you're handy with a soldering iron, do it yourself.)

    Guaranteed you'll never, ever have to wake them up again. If this doesn't wake them up, they're probably dead.

    That said, I've got a pretty nice alarm clock. Even tells me how warm it is (inside and out) along with weather forecasts and atomic synchronization.

    It even changes color.
  3. Mike1984's Avatar
    I don't recall there being many formulae to remember, though. At least not relative to the other subjects.

    And, yeah, cramming for three or four days before the exam works just fine (or, in the case of school, the morning before the exam, except for Biology...), but there's a lot less information to cram for Maths than for other subjects. And, really, the point of a Maths exam is to test your ability to work out how to solve the problem without rote learning (except at GCSE level, which is why I failed to get an A* at GCSE Maths but then passed A-level Maths and Further Maths with an average mark of over 90%)....

    I guess I'm viewing this from a British perspective, though. Our system is a lot different from yours, and pretty much all of our marks come from the final exam, which tests a year or even more of work in one go. So, cramming all of that is a bit harder than cramming a term's worth of stuff (or less) would be.
  4. hero's Avatar

    READ (as in get to memorize formulas, see how x thing is done and examples, etc) one or two days before exam. 100% fucked.

    Actually sit down and write, 2 days before exam. 50% fucked.

    >Anything else

    Read 1 day before or the same day of the exam. Most likely pass with 80%+.

    I'm the opposite. Reading through a lot of crap comes easy to me. I won't say I start to prepare an exam one day before its date like I did in school, because 900 paged books are a bitch, but three or four days sounds about fine. If I don't sit down ten days before a math exam to seriously do some exercises, it's almost granted that I will fail. In that scenario, I have managed to memorize all formulas and stuff I've done, but then, if something is somewhat different in the problem provided, then I'm fucked for sure.
  5. Mike1984's Avatar

    Yeah, I understand the beauty of Maths. My subject area is Theoretical Physics (in terms of what I'm most interested in, at least), so I've done quite a lot of it....



    I found that Maths was one of the easiest things to pass without doing much work (at A-level, anyway), because it relies on being able to solve problems rather than on learning large amounts of information like Biology did.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lianru
    1 + 1 = 2 :3
    Anyone can do that, except for the littlest, tiniest babies.

    Pull out something hard. Calculus, or at least some Quadratic formulae.

    (No, Kohaku, I wasn't talking about that.)
  7. Lianru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LeopardBear
    Ruru, post maths.
    1 + 1 = 2 :3
  8. hero's Avatar
    I like math because of the challenge. It's not hard to procrastinate and pass everything but math effortlessly when you are in school. But math, math is a bitch that forces you to sit down and write. It also gives you the choice to rely on your brain, which in most cases won't save you.

    I often get pwned in math. I'm still going to become an accountant.

    I'm suicidal, I know.
  9. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Ruru, post maths.
  10. Lianru's Avatar
    You all are so mean.
    Mike understands the beauty of math, right? ;w;
  11. Spinach's Avatar
    Nope, math is awful. It's a proven fact.
  12. Lianru's Avatar
    Nothing, they're just bashing it for no reason. Math is awesome.
  13. Mike1984's Avatar
    Hey, what's wrong with Maths?
  14. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    To hop on the bandwagon: Math sucks, and as I talked about with one of our floor supervisors, I still have not found a use for Algebra in daily life.

    Neither has he, and he's considerably older than I am.
  15. Airen's Avatar
    No. xD
  16. Lianru's Avatar
    Do I have to answer that?
  17. Airen's Avatar

    *gets down on one knee*

    Lian, will you be my waifu? /superawkward
  18. Lianru's Avatar
    That is true, but waifu status with a real person requires consent.
  19. Airen's Avatar
    Friend - A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
    If you're my wife, then that would be a family relation, thus nulling our 'friend' status by the literal definition of the word.

    So yes, you can be my waifu without being my friend. (Although I'd prefer both)
  20. Lianru's Avatar
    . . .

    (you do realize that if we're not friends, I'm not your waifu, right?)
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