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  1. Discovery

    Razorblades are infinitely more efficient at cutting than knives.
  2. Ye Ole Lair of the Beasts

    So. I have decided to write a rant about BL. Although I never meant to. Although I hate the entire label of rant.

    Be forewarned, this is going to be long so if you don't feel like going through a wall of text but still want to know what the hell I'm craping about, there's a tl;dr at the end of the text.

    Anyway, how come that I, who has been more or less absent for a while, is suddenly writing a moralising rant about the state of the forum?
    Truthfully, in large ...
  3. What the hell Japan???

    What is it with the Japanese film industry and adaptations of popular manga&anime?

    I mean when Hollywood fucks up adaptations, like with DBZ, at least I can rationalise it with white-washing and cultural differences and the producers being in little to no touch with the source materiel.
    But with Japanese movie adaptations of their own shit it gets a bit harder to swallow it all.

    I mean first I had to watch the dreadful awfulness that were the Death Note movies, ...
  4. I will fucking...

    ...start murdering people who play Fate/Grand Order.


    You fuckers have occupied the whole goddamn forum with your crappy children's card game.

    All I've been seeing on my activity stream for the last few days ( or weeks, I can't even remember anymore ) is people posting in the fucking F/GO thread(s).

    I'm sick of it.

    Go make your own goddamn forum for your stupid game and leave the rest of us alone.

    Gaahhh!!!!&%/!! ...
  5. Should I Get Back To Writing TM Fics

    I don't exactly have much to do with my life these days and I'd definitely like to get back into the swing of writing, so writing TM fanfiction might be a good step in that direction.

    Yet I lack enough conviction, motivation, and general willpower to decide this for myself. So I'm asking.
    Tags: fanfic
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