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Altima of the Gates

  1. The Gates, they be a closing. Stepping down as admin.

    Elf and Road have given their goodbyes, so I might as well tell you all why I have been languishing in the ether.

    Got this new job (yay!) doing receiving at a clothing store (boo!), and the hours have been crazy, requiring me to be there at 5 in the morning loading and processing freight. Our manager up and quit the week after I started due to kidney problems stemming from overwork, and management has been atrocious. Then we have my mother, myself, and brother getting some bad seasonal ...
  2. Taking a small break.

    Starting tomorrow, I'm taking a break from the forum because there is some work that needs to be done this week, as well as interviews to prepare for, so I won't be seeing you guys for awhile. I'll be back probably by next Sunday.