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    Title will be explained in a bit.

    So yeah, was very fortunate enough to get a resale ticket for the Charlotte stop of Babymetal World Tour 2018. I figured this was a once in a lifetime experience and honestly had little idea what I was getting into. Here goes.

    Club is the Filmore, part of the Music Factory night club area of Charlotte past Uptown. It's got a nice retro look and decor but that's not important. Made sure to get early before doors open at 7 but huge ...
  2. My god...

    What am I seeing?
  3. Tsukihime review

    Well, I finished reading it. And it's been so good.

    I remember saying how beautiful I found the prologue with how Aoko helped Shiki. I love how the goal of serenity is present in each route, an appreciation of life I envy. This and Fate/Stay Night are the only VNs I have read, so I felt really absorbed in how our protags dealt with surviving what should have been death, and how they viewed life afterwards. So I think that saying Shiki has no personality is inaccurate, he clearly ...
  4. 2 more to go.

    Ciel and Kohaku's route are all that is left. I think I will change my mind and finish it traditionally with Kohaku. So Ciel route go!

    About Akiha and Hisui routes:
    • I thought Akiha was a bitch, but after playing her route, I feel I understand her a lot more so it makes her more tolerable. It helps that she gets have a better relationship with Shiki, let alone the sexing.
    • Christ, Hisui is traumatized. It's uncomfortable to watch her be fearful because of her vulnerability
  5. Reading Tsukihime

    Finally going to go through this. The order I will be doing is Arc, The Far Side, then Ciel.

    And after getting past killing Nrvnqsr, my thoughts:

    • This has a really beautiful prologue. Bless you, Aoko.
    • Arihiko greatest Type Moon bro.
    • Really visceral and classic Nasu detailed horror and fighting.
    • Interested in the lore about vampires in here. And seeing MEoDP in action is wonderful.

    No wonder old timers rag on the newbies or others who haven't tried ...
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