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  1. food's Avatar
    Stop bitchin' on the net and actually go seek professional help.
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Did you miss the have no maids bit? =|

    Though this makes we wonder if a Synchroniser's energy would be able to relieve my symptoms.
  3. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hen_Ichi
    Have no maids and I prefer to be nice and gentle.
    Rape the maids more slowly then.
  4. ZidanReign's Avatar
    that too
  5. Spinach's Avatar
  6. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Rape the air.

    It always consents
  7. Strange_One's Avatar
    Hm. Pictures tend to have little benefit to me, and last few times I tried alcohol makes me feel worse. I guess depressing the self control side releases the defenses or something.

    Too busy and drained being miserable Hikki to do any hobbies.

    Have no maids and I prefer to be nice and gentle.
  8. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Rape the Maids.
  9. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
    Find a hobby to do? That can be fun c:
  10. Spinach's Avatar
    Stare at your avatar.

  11. Strange_One's Avatar
    I know, but I'd feel awkward about leaving the first one! It's been over a year and she knows all sorts of things :/
  12. Bittersweet's Avatar
    Nibblesweet? >.<
    Makes me sound like some kind of corn... :3

    But seeing two at once? That would be like you were cheating on your existing councelor! :(
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  13. Strange_One's Avatar
    Thanks. Would be nice to have some time, but back to work 2nd. And haven't really recovered from my latest virus.

    Thanks for that.

    I think with my social ineptness not sure about how to approach this with the counselor. Thinking about seeing another whilst still seeing this one.
  14. Bittersweet's Avatar
    My mother was seeing a shrink for years and he was really nice, but.. he didn't really seem to help her get better. She switched and went to a new one last year. She says she is happy she did. Much progress made.

    You don't have to stick with someone if they aren't helping. Quite the contrary, in fact.
  15. Kotonoha's Avatar

    I feel your pain friend.
  16. Strange_One's Avatar
    Counselor-tan and I haven't really worked that one out. I mean, I have an animosity towards drug abuse and I seem resistant to the idea of killing myself despite not being religious or anything. I think I'm just a coward.

    hrmm.... If I had someone I were willing to drop all my shit on - would I put this here for all ye semi-anons? ^_^

    Counselor-tan may be sad frog, but I suppose looking for another viewpoint might help.

    Well, it's hard to discern interests out of the deep depression/meds. There are things I would like to do or get on with, but for one reason or another - could be meds/situation or just me being me, I am unable to summon the energy, concentration or interest. Manic depression would be a big upgrade if I could get some stuff outta the manic bits.

    And I don't think I have the patience or ability to treat a living dependant well.
  17. In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries's Avatar
    Find a hobby, or get a pet
  18. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    What you do is find a friend who you trust and talk with them.

    And a better counselor.
  19. Gabriulio's Avatar
    Apparently unwilling to drugs or suicide.
    So not all hope is lost then.
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