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Strange Records

  1. Big Airport

    I know it's Easter but oh god wry attack of the bunnygirls?!


    Not the cute or hot type - the circus type D:

    Ah, but then now there are random girls with bunny ears wandering around *c*
  2. I bet Japan ain't this dirty :<

    Whelp. Having being informed in hush whispers of a place where that kind gather. I set off. After pounding the streets for awhile I eventually found some TM itemry here and there amongst various nippon imports.

    Blocks of Precious memory cards for an amoount which would be about 1.77. noh.
    Figures of course. Those get everywhere. But then I don't do figures. Some I examined closer.
    Saber in Jersey and buruma. 8.44.
    Saber Bride Figure. 15.20
    Saber Nendo. ...
  3. Being eaten alive by mosquitos

    Returning to this strange land I see that skirts and tights/stockings/long socks have all but disappeared and assorted short shorts are all the rage.

    While this does lead to some cute butts and some niiiiiice LEGSLEGSLEGSLEGS on show I'm not altogether sure it makes up for the lack of ZETTAI RYOUIKI.

    Also. Please wait Emperor.

    Tis a question that bears consideration.

    Also. Hunt ...
  4. Empirical Research

    My observations of the past few years alone lead me to conclude that Karma is crock of shit.
  5. hm

    It's a rather popular trope in stories to simply transfer someone to a digital form or something leaving the body behind. It always struck me as a rather foolish way to die. A person's consciousness is rather tied to their physical body and encoded in the mysterious ways of the brain. An uploaded mind would at most be just a copy of the brain's data.

    It strikes me that with such a worthless physical existance perhaps dying and uploading myself to the internet is not so pointless after ...
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