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  1. LJ3's Avatar
    Aha, got me fooled.
  2. Strange_One's Avatar
    Never been to Japan :V

    P.S. My little cousincousin whom I last saw as an infant can't be this cute!such a smiley and cute young lady now!
  3. LJ3's Avatar
    Cool. Are you still in Japan now?
  4. Strange_One's Avatar
    You can koala bear thingies everywhere in Britainland :V

    And I don't think they have those things in this strange alien country I'm at :V

    except for the chocolate covered almonds.
  5. I3uster's Avatar
    mom got those almonds as a gift from her host family with me acting as mail service since i was on an exchange at that time and met them

    they came home but only 2 reached her
  6. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Man I love those little chocolate filled koala biscuits. And those crunchy chocolate covered almonds. Oh, and those little bite sized chocolate covered ice cream things, and those salty chocolate snacks I can't remember the name of. Does McDonalds still sell those sankaku choco-pies? Go see if they sell the sankaku choco-pies for me.

    Oh! And mini moon pies and country mam cookies.

    I like sugar.
  7. Strange_One's Avatar
    Not sure if want Polinky :/
  8. Kotonoha's Avatar
    You forgot the Polinky.
  9. Frostedflakes's Avatar
    those look interesting
    never tried any japanese sweets before beside pocky here

    Quote Originally Posted by Break
    kinoko no tane STRAWBERRY? I really want to try them, i do.
    im still begining to learn but doesnt that say kinoko no yama? kanji for mountain is common so its one of the few i know
  10. Break's Avatar
    kinoko no tane STRAWBERRY? I really want to try them, i do.

    Y. then send it to moi.
  11. Strange_One's Avatar
    Considering that I'm highly dependant on the internet and vapid romcom anime and manga to sustain my existance probably not.
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  13. LJ3's Avatar
    You ok?
  14. CompositeGNFNR's Avatar
    Why not both, saber with freeman's voice.
  15. Kat's Avatar
    I will try to survive enough long to reach age when brains can be regenerated through stem cells and switched over to other bodies whenever I get bored of this body.

    Though I'm torn whether I should be Saber clone or Morgan Freeman clone.
  16. Ivan The Mouse's Avatar
    Great idea, if you want to get surf the Internet forever.
  17. LoyaltL's Avatar
  18. LJ3's Avatar
    If you don't mind being a record for those to come.

    I'm hoping you're not viewing yourself poorly.
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  20. ZidanReign's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Strife212
    Why? Why did you die?

    God is here.
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