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Strange Records

  1. A cliche'd life for me

    "You're dead to me." is a saying oft meme'd.

    It's quite a thing to actually have to apply it.
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    Image heavy
    Highly unsafe

    Well. That aside.

    Assassin indeed got a bum deal, with such little screentime and portrayal of his swordsmanship. They also made his technique look useless and easily dodged at the end.

    But they did try to cram it all in.

    A circular slash and a vertical slash. …And probably a horizontal slash that cuts anyone that escapes sideways.
    There is nowhere to run
  3. Election Autopsy

    Somewhat belated. But this is good.

  4. "He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow." Episode 1.5

    Another food related thing I'd forgotten to include last time.

    Billion Dollar Fried Chicken.

    A documentary taking a good slice through the UK operations of KFC.

    In addition to the fairly rigorous when they decide to drop in UK Food Inspectors and assorted regulations they have their own patrollers to run about and catch bad practices and take action in case of bad practice.

    More interesting as always are the food related matters. In the ...
  5. "He who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow." Episode 1

    Despair, for I offload impressions from my murky chaotic mind!

    Anyway, whilst doing housework I often find some vaguely interesting thing to watch/listen in the background.

    One amongst them was Eat to Live Forever, presented by an apparent food critic. Basically he ponders the fact that his paternal lineage had a rather unpleasant habit of successively dying younger, lamenting that his father wasn't around to see his grandchildren. And so he embarks upon a quest to ...
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