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  1. Current My MH4 status and Autumn Shinto Shrine festival and small things(Re-post), and report of latest 18+dojin at Toranoana.

    I decided my BL's blog uppdate but it will not so frequent. Special day only. Now my summer vacation still continue.
    Anyway, one week passed, at my MH4 status as follows:
    Hunter Rank 4.
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    Armour and Weapon.
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    At lunch time, my wife and myself enjoyed Japanese Ra-men, this is fish base soup. Is was so good.
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    Today ...

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  2. Past my related work at Japanese PBM/TRPG company.

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    Before leaving from my Blog entry in BL. I would like to share what I did.
    Long long ago, I worked in part time at Japanese Play-By-Mail(PBM)/Table talk Role Playing Game (TRPG) company as just a game master. This company's final objective is publish TRPG for Japanese TRPG market. However, main income was came from PBM. My game master's work was recieve and read 20-60 playe's action at this month, I wrote pseudo-novel (because Plots/Scenerio, Non player ...

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  3. Japanese Tonkatsu and Monster Hunter 4 (and my late summer vacation).

    Got up at 7:00 a.m. and wait 9:30 a.m. My wife and I went Japanese fast food restaurant called "やよい軒"(Yayoi-ken). We were took Japanese Tonkatsu(Hirekatsu) set, that was included Tonkatsu, Fresh salad, Tofu, Soy-Soup and White rice.
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    Cost was only 780 JPY. Additional White rice and Japanese tea were free.
    Then we moved to Sofmap, famaous Japanese Game shop because today is special day.
    We've got Monster ...

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  4. Japanese style supper for dieting person.

    This is a my standard supper for diet. Grilled poke with vegetables, Soy-soup, black-oolong-tea and tofu. Tofu is staple food of mine at supper.
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    I got an item via home delivery.
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    Protected by bubble wrap, content is:
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    Type-Moon ace vol.6. Clear vinyl cover protected. This is a used one.
    Cost is:
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    Total 640 JPY. Good ...
  5. Day of pray for United States of America

    September 11, 2001 A.D. U.S attacked by Terrorist. 3,025 people killed, over 6,291 people wound. I against any kind of Terrorism. I hate any kind of Terrorist. Today is a day of pray for U.S.A.
    I understand order is wrong. I must upload yesterday's blog, but it will require tons of photos and descriptions. Today is simple, just uploaded. I typed this doujin at 2006, I don't remember reason why. maybe Wizardry for Gameboy Color version was so good. I'm not typed this texts for 311, for myself ...

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