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    nice read
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    it's probably the third magic but humans have to reach it with the power of humans, it can't be given.
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    Seeing that Twice knew Buddha himself and wants to cause a world war (again) even if he hates the idea, I could speculate that he believes that people will have an "spiritual enlightenment" in the Buddhist definition of the term.

    I could say that methodology employed towards that goal is easy to logically pick apart.
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    Siriel! You're alive!

    How does war motivate? By spurring survival instinct, the "will to live" that's lost in the Nasuverse Apocalypses of the "whimper" kind.
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    Nice t(w)o see a piece(man) on probably the least popular fate antagonist.
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    Weeeee, thanks for this!
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    IIRC The torians are mostly peaceful and all about just breeding really high populations really fast.

    The Drath I think were the combat focused civ that is basically less evil and less competent Korx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos
    Did you just start playing this?
    If you mean this particular game then yes.
    If you mean GalCiv II then as noted in the first blog, no. Though it's been about a year since my last game.
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    Did you just start playing this?
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    I approve of Black Death ships.
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    Think I'll give gal civ 3 a try since it's been out and patched and DLC'd for for awhile now
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    I love GalCiv 2, though it's been a few years since I last played and now I've got no idea how the game works at all. I loaded up an old save and found that I'd conquered half the galaxy, so... I suppose I must've known how to play well enough back in the day.
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    Gal Civ 2 is an actually amazing game for natural story creation, I should install it and play a game one of these days
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seika
    I presume you've seen Tom Francis' war diaries from this game?
    Yep, read them a year or two ago.
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    I presume you've seen Tom Francis' war diaries from this game?
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    Teach them the love of God.

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    This is one of the most awesome read I ever have the pleasure to read..
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    So basically OP characters should be more like Saitama.

    I can get behind that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac
    Makes sense.

    I never watched or read Overlord, but is Momonga one of these characters?
    Not...really, no. He more has crippling paranoia and keeps thinking "surely the level 100+ people are just around the corner waiting for me to lower my defenses.", which stops him from realizing that he could literally just waltz into the capital and declare himself god-emperor and nothing could stop him.

    A lot of "dropped/reincarnated into fantasy world" light novel protagonists are like that, but Momonga is pretty good at realizing when he outmatches people and reacting accordingly. It's just that he just keeps convincing himself that the people he can't see are overwhelmingly stronger than those he can.

    He wouldn't really apply for this complaint anyway because he spent decades as just some random guy so of course he has regular fight or flight instincts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac
    Makes sense.

    I never watched or read Overlord, but is Momonga one of these characters?
    Recently read it, so I can say kinda. He gets dropped into the world and is super paranoid that there's going to be people just as powerful as he is, cause obviously there were in the MMO that he was playing in before. So he at least has the excuse early on of "Hey, even if these people are weak, there's probably a bunch of super strong people around somewhere, so I should avoid drawing attention." This is backed up by volume 3 where someone manages to use an item to mind control one of his minions that are just as powerful as he is.

    Basically, he acts super paranoid, but there's evidence of other players having been dropped into the same world in places, so his paranoia has some basis.
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