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    Someday I'll actually have to play these games and find out why it takes so long for anyone who's played them to get anything else done.
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    ruined forever
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    II Ƨ⅃UOƧ ᐴЯAᗡ
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    Don't listen to Daiki. French people give bad advice.

    This would be akin to your Japanese friend telling you to go into a restauraunt and order some o-manko.
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    Make sure to punctuate "enculÚ(s) de franšais de mes deux" each time you interact with the locals.
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    wow cool dude wow
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    Please tell me you still workin on this. Dream high.
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    This is a close second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jormungandr
    And here I thought you had actually managed to create an homunculi.
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    And here I thought you had actually managed to create an homunculi.
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    Gimmie the chocolate Hisao
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    You should try to go for the "other" endings, especially that rooftop ending.
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    ^ Thank you- Lily is... well, she... gah. I can't describe it. But that ending... that ending... I loved it so much

    Same with Rin's, actually. Rin's ending made me feel... I don't know. Happy, kind of, but a little sad, too. Bittersweet is the word, but I don't quite know why I felt like that... I don't know.

    It was awesome, and I will be reading it again soon.
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    Lilly route favorite = Awesome person
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    Bad. So much wasted potential, so much. Umineko starts off really strong but the answer arc is awful, especially the last 2 books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackField
    decided to read Umineko
    How did it feel making the worst decision of your entire life?
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    I read 2 routes and then decided to read Umineko. One day I'll finish it, one day.
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