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  1. BMT Journal Week 0-3 Sunday (Christmas) WIP

    Week 2 Sunday

    Decided to write down an informal blog/journal. Will probably post this on BL sometime in tech school. So onto today. Today was what everyone calls Grilled Cheese and Jesus (Atheist for me) day. Read it’s Sunday. No instructors. Slow morning. Lots of folding and talking.

    So I went to the Atheist/Humanist “service.” It was pretty cool. Talked about how to relieve stress besides praying and how stress can be viewed positively. Like if you view stress positively, ...

    Updated March 11th, 2017 at 10:35 AM by Kuroyuki

  2. Kuro Blog Days 3 - End

    Disclaimer: Most written on that god awful 12 hour flight or while slightly tipsy the day before.

    Kuro Blog Day 3

    Time to see Fuji-sannnnnnnnn (Mount Fuji). Today for breakfast, I went out and bought some conbini food. And I found two more things to cross off the anime/weab food list. Chocolate cornets and yakisoba bread. Well that and I bought some more mellonpan because I like them.

    Now let’s eat! Hmmm… Hmm… Yakisoba bread. This is pretty saucy despite ...
  3. Kuroyuki's Visit to Japan Day 0-2

    Disclaimer: Actually written on different days due ahahaha jetlag, early mornings, and inability to find a good time to bust out that laptop of mine.

    Kuro Blog Day 0

    Okay. Arrived in Japan. Going to keep this quick because man am I tired. So took a 2 hour train ride from Narita Airport. Watched my parents check into their hotel. They had like GOJIRA’S head on the hotel so that was pretty cool.

    And man is their room small. Like barely two people can fit ...