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  1. Internship trip to Spain

    Hey, the last and only time I've used the blogs here was when I was moving, which was on more of a sour note. This time I come posting here with good news, well it was news months ago, now it is happening.

    I got picked to go to Spain for an internship with one of my course mates. I am leaving in the early morning on 18.01.2016 and I'll be returning on the 19th of February. I dunno if I'll really be able to be active on BL at that time, so I might disappear even more so than I have recently, ...
  2. Moving sucks

    I have internet from a crappy stick for a short time, just wanted to say moving sucks and so does doing 16 hours of manual labour in a day.

    also there goes my blog virginity.