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    The problem with reading this post right after dinner is that I got hungry again straight away.
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    I'll have to keep that in mind; the most picturesque parts of China I recallare the Great Wall and the gardens in Suzhou.
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    It was an Irish pub in Rome, and we only really went to because we wanted to head to a pub to watch the World Cup. Also, if you ever do visit China again, try out Hangzhou or Xiamen, or more nature-y/scenic places in general. Not quite as huge or prolific as Shanghai or Beijing, but very beautiful and very clean, and the food's pretty much great anywhere.
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    Firstly, Jesus fuck am I jealous of you and everyone with you, wow that all looks delicious and fun. Second, Jesus H. Fucking Christ am I jealous of you, it's been like a decade since I've had dimsum and I miss it dearly. Third, now I have to visit China again and more of Europe. Fourth:
    Burger from an Irish pub. This was actually probably the worst thing I've had all trip.
    Yeah the burgers in Ireland are super hit-or-miss, half of the ones I had were shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit and the other ones were delicious, I'd stick to the traditionals there. As for your drinking problem, ehhh it's a vacation, cut loose in countries with freer drinking cultures than America, like Ireland. Just don't bring the culture back with you and you're fine. Also you're Percy Jackson, good to know.

    Finally, take me with you you guys I gotta get in on this.
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    Looks good
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    I'm there like O_O
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    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos
    what if, cats
    fucked up if true
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    what if, cats
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    I like cats.
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    I have had a cat for 10 years and to this day I don't know if I have a mild cat allergy or if jade just has especially nose itching dander.
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    Caaaaaats!!! Nyaa~ :3
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    This is a stupendously Kirby blogpost.

    How nice.
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    I'm allergic to cats too. IT DIDN'T STOP ME EITHER
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    All the sneezing in this world won't stop me.
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    I'm allergic to cats.
    Don't let this stop you.