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  1. success rapebird

    Friday was pretty good.
  2. Emohawk offends 99% of fanfic writers

    People who start fics and then don't finish them are the WORST people. I think the special hell needs to be expanded to include people who don't finish their work. It would be soooooo much better if you just never posted anything at all.*deep breath*There. I said it! I feel better now.
  3. emohawk rambles about psychology: a Jungian perspective on the nasuverse

    I have not been able to get on BL through my main computer for a week or two, so while I had some free time I have had a chance to put together some thoughts I have had about the Nasuverse and some of its formative thoughts something I have been curious ever since I learned Nasu had referenced anima and animus during an interview. I am going to "try" not to interpret to many of my own ideas here, because I feel like if I extrapolate to much I will ruin the purpose of this blog, which is ...
  4. Christmas at the hospital

    It's Christmas as the hospital
    im laying on a bed
    I have to pay
    so I can stay
    where nobody can get fed.

    Everywhere families are grieving.
    its a fabulous Christmas Day
    I can hear the sound of people heaving
    What a wonderful holiday!

    Its Christmas at the hospital
    my family is all around
    but not in my room cause mom's here to
    and her stomach started to pound

    You might here a code going blue
    or a ...
  5. so, did anyone else not know it was possible to get a second degree sunburn?

    cause I didn't.

    went out to the beach over the past week, had a great time, but I am beginning to think that maaaaaaaaaaybe I got a little to much sun.
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