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    Before I read the actual post I thought your PDQ was because you had calcified stones painfully moving through your tracts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias
    What if the fail me out

    ...still frame it?
    No, then go to the press about how the GOP won't let a hardworking American fulfill his dreams.
  3. Tobias's Avatar
    What if the fail me out

    ...still frame it?
  4. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Make sure you get the act of congress framed on your wall.
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    I feel like its been years since I asked you about Germany related stuff

    Good to hear you're capable of advancing forward now, charge ahead pun-master rapebird
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    Glad it was not the case.

    It is crazy how small thing like retainer can cause a problem. Sometimes the smallest mistake can be proven fatal, speaking from my own experience when I nearly fall down from a cliff because my safety shoes a bit loose. Be careful from what you are wearing! (really)
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    I can imagine how worrying that must have been.

    Glad to know you're alright.
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    Glad you're okay.
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    Glad it wasn't that then.
  10. Gaia's Avatar
    Phew, good news.
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    There was something on the inside of my mouth we had gradually been getting concerned about. Dentist gave me an anti bacterial was which didn't work. So he gave me an anti-fungal, which also didn't work, and we had been slowly whittling away the "non cancer" options over the last couple of months. We scheduled a biopsy with a specialist.

    biopsy guy actually decided not to biopsy because he knew what it was. Apparently the retainer I was wearing had a small lip which is catching the inside of my cheek and eventually created a scar. Seeing as how we didn't biopsy I suppose a better way of putting it is "it's probably not cancer" but dude was sure enough he decided a biopsy wouldn't even be needed, so.

    anyway, had been anxiety inducing.
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    wait, what happened?
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    To properly be a smug bastard, you needed to use "ore."

    You did not use "ore."

    I am disappoint.
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    Probably takes Taekwondo too
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    Actually I found out later that he is in martial arts and apparantly he learned the numbers by counting along with the cadence.

    not 100% about the Korean though, didn't occur to me to ask until after they left
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    tbf I probably would have responded exactly the same way as that kid though

    EXACTLY the same way

    Talking nihongo is too hazukashii for a shy boy like me
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    What amused me most about the whole thing is when I first started, I fully expected him to start laughing at me, and then i would crack a joke like "well, I'm still learning!" Or something like that, we would all have a chuckle at the kid being smarter then me, and then back to work.

    funny how things never seem to play out the way you picture them eh?
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