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    I don't actually give a fuck about REALNESS tbh, it just helps generate hype. Especially in Germany where people love leveling accusations that there isn't any original thought to it and it's all adaption of American stuff. That American rappers like embellishing in that regard shouldn't be news to anybody either ever since Dre happened, hue.

    That accusation isn't completely untrue (xatar didn't invent g-funk, bushido didn't invent gangsta rap) but it has now evolved far enough from shitty imitation to have a genuine identity on its own, imo. Especially obsession about technique and humor from the target audience really helped here. The technical elite of German rap can keep up with the technical elite of the US no problem. The biggest gaps are in production but even there it gets better and better nowadays, now that German rap actually dominates German charts and nice amount of money flows their way.
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    Crime happens every now and so often. German rappers, as much as they stand behind their American colleagues in this department, are often people that aren't on the best terms with the judical system. Assault charges, charges for dealing small-or-not-so-small amounts of drugs, small-scale armed robbery or just simply getting sued for using some celebrity girls name in a track for a "random bitch i fucked you heard about", everything happens. He also had a few of those (most famously for being invited to a Playboy party in LA and breaking a bunnies nose). But he was a level above this stuff as the general public would soon find out a bit later.
    Most (current) rappers even in the US aren't even 'real' and just fake it. For instance Drake (You probably know him from this) hasn't done shit bigger than dissing other hip hop artists. You can't keep drug dealing with the paparazzi all over your ass.

    Now, there are people like

    Chief Kleef (who got busted for shooting uniformed cops when he was like 15. Though he actually did cool down a bit after he was arrested + became famous)

    and uhh Bobby Schmurda (who was recently found out to be an actual head of a Krip gang and actually was drug dealing since fifth grade [a claim he made in a song of his]. And was hit with a SWAT team at his Studio where he had something like 20 pounds of marijuana and 10 pounds of cocaine and 23 illegal guns including a modified AR-15 to actually be automatic. Two of the guns were on Schmurda at the time of the arrest. Other highlights on his list of charges included doing a drive by on his brother who was in a barber shop a week after Schmurda just released a top 100 single [meaning he did this while fucking famous]. While the cops couldn't find a murder charge to put on him one of his friends did [said friend also had 5 accounts of attempted murder]. Shit was fucking hilarious I can't even exaggerate his arrest and rap sheet. What's even funnier is that no one expected this at all, the kid looks like he's fucking 15)

    but they aren't as common as they used to be (the fucking 90s were filled with actual gang members doing shit).

    Edit: splitting even though it looks weird because it was a text wall.
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    Wanna know what's better than Gangsta Rap? Not Gangsta Rap.
    This is now a ska thread.
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    gangsta-rap gangsta rap gangsta rap gangsta rap gangsta rap gangsta rap
    Haha nice
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    I actually understood this.
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    Pics of your cute purchases!

    And if you bought that maid costume, pics of you wearing it!
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    Welcome back
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    Wow would not bang, too jordanian.
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    welcome back and shit
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    How much did you spend on pointless stuff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by I3uster
    im back
    Who cares
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    Ayy lmao
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    Very important: Did you bring the little girl back with you? Or did you settle for the maid?
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    bear ears?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Overwhelmed by Anime
    she's like 13
    she told me she came from a galaxy far away so its probably alright
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    Take her home with you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach
    Her name is Daria.
    SOunds like a real qt
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    Cute ears~ ^_^

    Did you buy also the costume we can see hanging in the backgroung?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow
    Did you get the name of that cute girl to the left?
    Her name is Daria.
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