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  1. Rani VIII

  2. Round 2 - Vs. Skarmory!

    I joined a Pokemon League recently, and battled against a couple of Gym Leaders. The battles were harsh, and I nearly gave up hope midway through, but I triumphed! Without further ado, the codes:

    Vs. Electric:
    CUNW-WWWW-WWXR-YGPL: Mega Luxray was a terrifying creature.

    Vs. Flying
    58HG-WWWW-WWXR-YGU5: Azumarill's the real MVP here.
    65AW-WWWW-WWXR-YHA4: I really should've brought more special attackers for that Skarmory...

    Also, I really ...
  3. Here lies my beloved hard drive; may it rest in peace ;_;

    Like the title says, my hard drive died an early death.

    She was starting to flag, though I didn't know why at first. Then I got a warning; the hard drive was going to fail, it said. I wanted it to be a virus, a simple problem I could get rid of. But alas, it was not, and after another warning I took her to the local computer center and put*her down myself.

    So here I sit, reimaging a new hard drive and lamenting find times past. Suffice it to say that my obligations ...
  4. Round 1 - Vs. Noivern!

    Recently, my passion for Pokemon battles has been reignited! So whenever the occasion calls for it, I'll post a few battle codes for people to enjoy my battles!*

    Without further ado, here they are!

    82XW-WWWW-WWX8-APSJ: Noivern, you're the real MVP.
    C2WG-WWWW-WWX8-AQXF: Apparently the magnificent HYPERSONIC SWEPTWINGS DRAGON is Ubers. Who'd have fancied that?
    KY4W-WWWW-WWX8-AQ3R: When all else fails, shonen resolve will save the day.
    7V4W-WWWW-WWX8-AQYT: ...

    Updated February 9th, 2015 at 01:11 AM by Rafflesiac

    The Battles of Legends! (Legendaries Not Always Included)
  5. F*** YOU RNJESUS!!!!

    After beating the maingame and Delta Episode of Alpha Sapphire, I've been running through the Battle Maison and trying to beat at least 50 people in Super Singles. It's taken me a lot of tries and a lot of hours, but I've made it into the high forties with my team of glory:

    Levi, the frontline Ninja! A female Protean Greninja who provides a strong offense from turn one!

    Hathshepsut, the midguard Tank! A female Cofagrigus who takes every hit with ease, and picks off ...
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