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  1. Rot in Hell, Azelf

    Exactly as stated.

    The damn thing burned through all of my Max Revives, Revival Herbs, Dusk Balls, Luxury Balls and Premiere Balls, 6 Dive Balls and 30 Ultra Balls.

    Uproar + 3 Nasty Plots is a devastating combination; I really wish I'd brought a Spiritomb. Ugh, I bet the aggravating piece of crap is Sassy or something too.

    My poor team probably hates me now ;_;

    Still, brutally difficult legendary catches are the bread and butter of ...
  2. Alpha Sapphire End Thoughts

    I just finished the maingame for Alpha Sapphire.

    All of the Kyogre stuff was rather pretty, though I wish I hadn't beaten Archie so easily. Heck, the only major battle that caused me trouble was Wattson, and that was because I had no Ground or Fire-types. The animation values and music were great as usual, though; the NPCs who stand outside having different dialogue was a particularly nice touch.

    Primal Kyogre itself took two tries to capture, so that's reasonable I suppose. ...
  3. Night Before The Storm - Day 0 of the Zombie Apocalypse.

    It was supposed to be a simple sendoff by the admins.

    One last quest for the MMO before they signed off for good. They reskinned the world to an urban complex and hurriedly coded in every language they knew to get the update out on time.

    They made a horrible mistake.

    Maybe it was the PERL. Maybe it was the HTML. Maybe it was the FORTRAN, or perhaps the COBOL. At any rate, a virulent glitch invaded the system.

    A player was corrupted.
  4. Characters - Check. Stages - Check. Let the action begin!

    Finally got every character and stage!

    Duck Hunt Dog was a pain; I was trying for the Win 10 Times as Samus challenge, so I had to face him without one of my mains. Beat him in the end, though, and made up for it by trashing Game & Watch without taking a single hit!

    Tried out For Glory mode too. Fun for the most part, but also had quite a bit of lag in the later matches. I got wrecked way more than I won, too; eventually I might win half my battles!


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  5. THORON!!! and Failed Falco

    I picked up Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS today at a midnight release.

    It's pretty wonderful, though I won't be able to enjoy it for a week or so thanks to work. I got to play for a few moments, and I learned some things.

    1) Robin's pretty slow, even when he dashes. Also, his smashes are needle-thin Marth-styled.
    2) Thoron is the most satisfying thing, though managing to land a Nosferatu is nice too.
    3) Classic was interesting, though Master and Crazy Hand ...
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