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Not Actually Toxic And Not Actually Fat - The Miscellaneous Thoughts and Ideas of Rafflesiac

  1. FGO Servant Speculations

    Rather than me trying to guess what Servants could show up next or talking about datamined spoilers, I'll just blather about Apocrypha Servants and what I think they might do.

    Hopefully showing up in London, and probably a 4-star. Takeuchi would never let Saber's rebel kid stand above her.

    Cards are probably the usual QAABB with 2-hit Quicks and Arts with a single-hit Buster.

    Skills are probably Instinct first, then Prana Burst and Battle Continuation.
  2. Rani VIII

  3. F*** YOU RNJESUS!!!!

    After beating the maingame and Delta Episode of Alpha Sapphire, I've been running through the Battle Maison and trying to beat at least 50 people in Super Singles. It's taken me a lot of tries and a lot of hours, but I've made it into the high forties with my team of glory:

    Levi, the frontline Ninja! A female Protean Greninja who provides a strong offense from turn one!

    Hathshepsut, the midguard Tank! A female Cofagrigus who takes every hit with ease, and picks off ...
  4. Rot in Hell, Azelf

    Exactly as stated.

    The damn thing burned through all of my Max Revives, Revival Herbs, Dusk Balls, Luxury Balls and Premiere Balls, 6 Dive Balls and 30 Ultra Balls.

    Uproar + 3 Nasty Plots is a devastating combination; I really wish I'd brought a Spiritomb. Ugh, I bet the aggravating piece of crap is Sassy or something too.

    My poor team probably hates me now ;_;

    Still, brutally difficult legendary catches are the bread and butter of ...
  5. Alpha Sapphire End Thoughts

    I just finished the maingame for Alpha Sapphire.

    All of the Kyogre stuff was rather pretty, though I wish I hadn't beaten Archie so easily. Heck, the only major battle that caused me trouble was Wattson, and that was because I had no Ground or Fire-types. The animation values and music were great as usual, though; the NPCs who stand outside having different dialogue was a particularly nice touch.

    Primal Kyogre itself took two tries to capture, so that's reasonable I suppose. ...
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