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  1. Tohsaka and Edelfelt: The Eternal Rivalry

    This topic came up in the Questions thread, so I figured I'd put forward my view on it. I'm sure this is already something commonly known/considered around here, so if you're already familiar with the relationship between the Tohsaka and Edelfelt families, feel free to skip over this. If not, here goes nothing.

    Right, starting off, people following current Type-Moon works are likely familiar with Rin Tohsaka and Luvia Edelfelt and their perpetual rivalry that involves a lot more pro-wrestling ...
  2. Perhaps the greatest stupid thing I've read this week.

    I won't lie, this blog serves no purpose, none what so ever. I'm only doing it so I could record this as the most ludicrously funny thiing I've read in a good while and it's all about Aoko's ability to be a parent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
    She went back in time and seduced shiki when he was like 9, not realizing that his H game protagonist sperm was strong even then. So she just jumped forward in time 9 months and dropped shirou off at an orphanage. That's why in the fight nasu says shiki canonically would
  3. Just a thought really.

    Well we were over in the history thread, and we were talking about a user named Mike, I never met him, but it seemed there was a certain dissonance of values between him and most others. Anyway, Rockxas posted this;

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockxas View Post
    ...And then there's the absolute fanboyism, as seen in any instance of Rin and Shirou hypothetically having their own lives without finding out about Sakura's situation, or just pretty much anything regarding Tokiomi's decision to give Sakura to the Matous.
  4. Fragments Berserker and the Dangerous Game

    Alrighty everyone, this blog post will be more in line with the likes of my ones concerning the No Name Assassin and Sha Nagba Imuru. As it stands though, while I've done my research on this one, I welcome anyone who can provide an answer as this will be more an open ended question than anything else.

    For those not wishing to be spoilered on the relatively recent series of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver, I suggest you cease reading now. For those others who are either ...

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  5. The Big Book of Servants

    Taking a break from my Servant Analysis (As it has proven more than a little taxing on my nerves) I've decided to update and transfer my... Database? Compendum, I've no idea, list, list of random servant facts over to BL.

    General Numbers
    * To begin, across all the Fate media, there is a total of One Hundred Fifty-Seven different Servants, not including those that repeat and those that share identity, but not design. This includes Servants featured in Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, ...

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