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    It's Sengoku BASARA's tenth anniversary today! Yay! Sumeragi's going to be released in two days! Double yay!

    EDIT1: Watching the anniversary livestream. Nishikawa-san what are u wearing

    EDIT2: Mamiko Noto asking if oichi's ok lol

    EDIT3: wow the earlier basara game covers were so chuu2

    EDIT4: theyre going to be selling yukimura jackets for 50k yen what is this

    EDIT5: lol at morikawa accidentally bumping into nakai near the end of their ...

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  2. A bump with the wrong crowd.

    Greetings, y'all. It's midnight here in the motherland as of the time of writing, and I'm tabletposting, so forgive my lack of punctuation.

    Nii-san still hasn't come home. According to what I've heard from my parents he and an uncle (who drives him to Manila for his internship) were caught in a scrape with a van in EDSA. Apparently the van driver was a jackass and demanded that we pay for the damages sustained to his vehicle, along with the damages to our own car (which is ludicrous). ...
  3. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 3

    I'm in a don't-hate-Mitsun mood right now, so might as well recap.

    I finished his red route on Easy yesterday. Suffice to say, it was not enjoyable. His Setsuna gimmick is pretty fun, plus the invisible blade is a neat bonus, but that's about it for pros. He has stupidly low health and defenses, and I had the misfortune of getting a third weapon model with only one accessory slot (which I even spent on a Medium Defense). Itsukushima continues to be my favorite level (jackass okra aside), ...
  4. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 2

    I am never, ever, ever playing Story Mode on Normal ever again. I'll tell you why soon enough.

    I completed Yukimura's red route on easy. Nothing much to say here, except that Mogami Yoshiaki is a germ and should not be touched, even with a ten-foot pole. He kept counterattacking and taunting so much that I just used special mode Blaze Kick as he was walking his sissy walk never let up after that. His stage is a pain, too, so fuck him. His nephew seems to have inherited a shred of his ...
  5. Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Thoughts, Part 1

    *screams externally*

    As you may have noticed, I'm a big Basara fan, so I've tried multiple times to get myself at least a copy of one game. Thanks to the wonders of Magecraft emulators, I now have a copy of the English version of 3.

    There are six initially playable characters: Ieyasu, Yukimura, Masamune, Magoichi, Kanbei, and Emo Fujoshi. I played all of them on Easy, just to get the hang of it as well as nab an elemental weapon and a Super Art or three. Of the six of them, ...

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