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  1. Some weird thing that happened today.

    It's English class, and we're talking about critical reading strategies. The first one up is previewing the text before reading. Several points of discussion later, and my professor asks us what was the last non-academic work we read, and unlucky me goes first. Scrambling for answers, I try to remember the last thing I didn't read for the knowledge. My mind goes blank, so I instead crafted a believable enough half-truth that I was reading translated Apocrypha (which I temporarily stopped doing after ...
  2. Super Smash Brothers Super Character Recruitment Campaign!

    Apparently Nintendo is running a vote of sorts for the next characters for Smash. You can find it here.
  3. To Know the Unknown, Part 1: Ammonium is a Dumb Bitch

    We had our practical test on cations yesterday, and we were asked to find an unknown cation. No big deal, I said. It'll be easy, I said.

    I was wrong.

    First off, since our instructor told us that ammonium gives out the smell of pee, I immediately tried to smell the solution, but it didn't smell like anything. So I dropped some hydrochloric acid in there, and nothing. My shoulders drooped slightly. I didn't get a group I ion. So I added some thioacetamide to that and put ...
  4. Kiritsugu Emiya and the EDSA Revolution

    by , February 24th, 2015 at 08:55 AM (Nuclear Contemplations)
    Twenty-nine years ago tomorrow, a housewife became the eleventh president of the Philippines, completing the downfall of a powerful family of politicians and restoring democracy to a country. How in the world does this connect to a hired mercenary admittedly kills the few to save the many?

    I like to think that Urobuchi mentioning how Kiritsugu lived out his early life in the Philippines was simply some obscure reference to a backwater country (even until now). Hell, when I thought about ...
  5. Can I get any ideas for our college week parade?

    by , February 13th, 2015 at 11:10 PM (Nuclear Contemplations)
    So our college week is in two weeks, and we just voted for the themes for our college parade last night, with the central theme "eras of the world". Our block tried to get Ancient Greece, but we failed and went full chuu2 with Sumerian civilization. Any ideas on what we can stuff in there to make it interesting?

    tl;dr Our college parade is in two weeks and I'm looking for an idea (aside from Gilgamesh) for a Sumerian-themed parade. Any ideas?
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