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Nuclear Contemplations

  1. Fate/Extella Faction Wallpapers

    So yeah. Was working on these earlier today, but had to redo Altera's because of the Iskander release. Anyways, enjoy!

    Nero's faction

    Tamamo's faction

    Altera's faction


    Since Extella's taking place on the moon iirc, I decided to put space stuff in the background instead of the usual artwork depicting the Servant. Nero's has stars, since Fax Caelestis
  2. Grand Order Servant Wallpapers: White Day Edition

    So, yeah. Today is White Day over here, and I thought of making a few wallpapers of some Servants wearing white. Well, not all of them. But anyway. I'm going to have to apologize a bit since the images for the Servants I used don't actually come from Grand Order per se.

    Nero Bride+Roses

    Saber Lily+White Lilies

    Medea Lily+Water Lilies

    What do you guys think? Let me know if you liked them in the comments ...
  3. Grand Order Servant Wallpapers, Batch Two!

    by , September 6th, 2015 at 08:26 AM (Nuclear Contemplations)
    ...Enough whining about my love life. TYPE-MOON Ace (It is TM Ace, right?) has graciously provided us with full body artwork of several of our new (and not so new) Servants, and you know what that means.

    That's right! It's wallpaper time!

    But first, a few notes about this batch. First, since the Servant image files come from magazine scans (and are thus obviously not my work, since I have zero patience for cropping these things), there are small white lines left over ...