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  1. スターボウってなに?

    Can Starbow Really Be Seen?

    In SF novels and movies -- according to the presentation that makes it visible, the star is blue when its motion is approaching the speed of light, while the light behind it becomes red.

    Though the theory is comprehensible, it's a question of being able to really see Starbow.

    Both infrared rays and ultraviolet rays--which are invisible in a state of rest--become captured in a state of motion. The star's resulting color, as

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  2. Some dangerous thing on my mind right now, pins and needles, land or sea, WHICH DO YOU WANT???

    Which will you choose to go through the path of thorns: the machete or the cloak? Choose the machete, and you will cut your way easily through the path, all will fall away before you. But the path is treacherous -- the more you cut, the more focused on the path's end you become, the less focused on the thorns that you've cut down. You may even cut those that weren't oppressive thorns. Choose the cloak, and you will be tangled in the brambles and thorns, shielded from them as you go. Safe you will ...
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  3. What it Means to Live: Stab a Wolf!

    Quote Originally Posted by Artee View Post
    This is an Animation shown at Anima Mundi this year. This is an event that happens here every year, and it mostly features animations made by beginners in the field of animation, to publicize and show their work.

    This one is called "Carn", and it's a story about a boy who is lost in a forest during a snowy and very cold winter, and finds a female wolf near death. She asks a favor in exchange for his life. But the cold kiss of death
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