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  1. 霊子のセツメイ


    • In an "unbalanced world" exist two entities that can be described as "inordinately mysterious", called [霊子]/Spiriton (Spiritual Factor) and [幽子]/Obscurion(?) (Astral Factor).

    • An obscurion is not found in [physical/real] space within which we dictate all matter exists, but exists in another type of space we call "interior space". Conceptually, it is a particle-like substance, but it does not have a concrete definition,
  2. soreraha?

  3. 呪術理論は?

    呪 - charm/incantation/spell/curse
    術 - art/technique/means/magic
    With respect to cultural anthropology, "incantation magic" refers to types, styles, and rites of shamanism and animism found in ancient religions, all having to do with magic spells and incantations that are accompanied by ideas and deeds. Actual examples may refer to,

    ① A law system developed by early society and civilization, ...
  4. D'AZUR


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  5. AUBE

    Near Future Symphony

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