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  1. The Scarred Stars Cancelled. AGAIN!!

    Once again, the final installment of the LunarFate saga has been cancelled. I decided to step away from writing so I can focus on playing fighting games and participate in tournaments so I can earn actual money - rather than recreational money. Being a writer is really taxing on the autistic mind; people make money becoming writers - it just wasn't made for me to begin with.
  2. New Website - Christopher's Story Station & The Scarred Stars Outline Progression

    I've already added "The Adventures of Utan" onto the website. I'll add the rest of the stories later on and get started on what maybe the final chapter of the LunarFate saga.
  3. What if Utan Enhada was in Melty Blood: Actress Again? (Marvel Ripoff)

    I was hoping that I would have made this into a guest character for this game. Oh well.

    Mid Boss: Satsuki
    Main Boss: Archtype Earth (Akitsuki)

    Stage: Abandoned Waterfront

    Command Moves (all variants)
    df,C - Sky Uppercut
    db,C,C - Command Slashes
    d,C (air) - War Hammer

    Crescent Moon Variation (no air combos/gains super jump)
    qcf,A,B or C - Air Fang
    qcb,A or B (x3) - Blue Fang
    dp,A,B or C - Rising ...

    Updated January 15th, 2019 at 11:58 AM by Christopher H2

  4. What if Utan Enhada was in MKX?

    More like a huge what if. If he was in MKX, he would be a run-off-the-mill character. I'm guessing mid or low tier.

    Swordmaster - gains long range elemental attacks
    Blademaster - gains ??? and lighter blades
    Edgemaster - gains Ground Quaker and heavy blades

    target combos
    1,1,b+3,1 (swordmaster/blademaster)
    3,1,b+3 (edgemaster)

    Standard Specials
    b,f+3 - Seitei ...
  5. The Scarred Stars (Cancelled)

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel "The Scarred Stars". There's so many issues with this story that you'll blast me for not making this story being true to Type-MOON's standards.
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