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Christopher H2

  1. Demon Hunters (Volumes 1-4) Now Available

  2. Demon Hunters (Volume 3) Now Available!!

    Volume 3 of my Demon Hunters saga is now open to the public @ I also re-edited some chapters in Volume 1 & 2. I'm taking the week off this story; just need to get my health in order.
  3. Demon Hunters - Volume 3 Release Delayed

    Due to the winter storm, my release of Volume 3 of my "Demon Hunters" saga has been delayed. Hopefully, I'll try to get that volume up as soon as possible.
  4. Demon Hunters (Volume 2) Now Available!!

    Volume 2 of the "Demon Hunters" saga is now open to the public @ I hope you'll enjoy it.
  5. Demon Hunters Volume 1 on a NEW Website!

    Volume 1 of my "Demon Hunters" saga is now available @ I will be working on Volume 2 of this saga tomorrow.
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